About Us

BBR Education is Latin America’s leading online solution for higher education recruiting. Our team of experts strive to bring measurable recruiting results to our affiliate schools. We offer our clients support, advice, and exclusive insights into recruiting to work together to meet our shared goals.

BBR Education partners with international education associations to create the highest quality resource available. Our team engages in research projects with government officials, academic leaders and parents/students in Latin America, staying on the pulse of Latin American recruitment needs.



With our focus and expertise in the Latin market we have helped millions of students across 11 countries.



We stay on the pulse to deliver the latest digital marketing strategies and software solutions to our users and clients.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Our strategic lead generation platforms are an alternative to costly agents and student fairs.

ROI Traceable

ROI Traceable

Results are clear and provide data used for accurate market analysis.

Meet our team


Elizabeth Dusch

Elizabeth has been producing international reports for the past nine years, reporting throughout Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. Previously, she worked in London, UK for Merrill Lynch Investment Managers and in Beijing, China in marketing. She holds a Certificate in International Business Practice from Cambridge University and a BA in Business Administration from Wake Forest University.

Her life goals include running a marathon on all seven continents (Antarctica is already checked off the list!) and mastering her Chinese language skills.


Michelle Titus

Michelle has built her career specializing in international communications with experience working on the ground and living in 15 countries. She currently oversees BBR Education and Intercambio’s creative offering and business development initiatives. She is very active in the secondary and higher education industries, spending the majority of her time working one on one with admissions and recruiting management teams.

Michelle lives between New York (where she is originally from) and Italy. She is a yogi, avid traveler and advocate for human rights and gender equality.


Colette Hannahan

If one thing is true, Colette has a love for words. With a degree in Writing-Intensive English from Marquette University, Wisconsin, she has been working in education and arts nonprofits for the last 15 years. Grant writing, creative writing, travel writing, writing about international education – she says a hearty ‘YES’ to it all.

In her free time she paints the cityscapes and landscapes. Colette is based in France where she is editing, writing, painting, dancing, and fine-tuning her ukulele and cheese-eating skills.


Andria Wold

Andria has over 15 years experience working in professional services with a focus on human resources and business operations for mid-sized firms. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the University of Southern California where she emphasized in Management Consulting.

Andria currently lives in the Bay Area with her husband and daughter Adeline. She spends her free time trying new restaurants, reading historical fiction novels and practicing pilates and yoga. An avid traveler, her next dream destination is Scandinavia.


Lea Cohen

A graduate of UCLA and the University of Cape Town, Lea is passionate about writing and travel and can often be found on adventures like birdwatching in Africa or taking trains across Europe. She loves to volunteer and has worked on projects ranging from nature conservation to supporting international soldiers in the Israeli Army.

Lea has lived in Berkeley, California, Cape Town, and Tel Aviv. She is always excited to learn new languages (including Portuguese), meet new people, and explore new corners of the world.


Katie Dwyer

Two of Katie’s greatest passions are education and writing, which makes contributing to the BBR Education Reports a perfect fit. She has been part of the BBR writing team since 2013, in addition to working as a freelance writer for other small businesses, nonprofits, and educational organizations. She holds a BA and MA from the University of Oregon and an LLM from the National University of Ireland.

When not traveling, her hobbies are wandering the wilderness in the Pacific Northwest and diving headfirst into piles of books. Katie Dwyer


Clarisa Ryan

Clarisa grew up as a “third culture kid.” She is Costa Rican and American, speaks three languages, and had lived in over seven countries by the time she turned 18. After completing her degree in International Studies focusing in Sociology at the University of California San Diego, she moved to Costa Rica and began working as a digital nomad. Her work with BBR is fueled by her interest in learning about how people interact with the world and with each other in the digital age.

Now living back in San Diego, Clarisa enjoys going on long runs around the city’s beaches and parks with her dog Banjo.


Carolina Arbelaez

The Latin component for our group with a degree in International Business and Marketing from EAFIT University in Colombia. Carolina has over 8 years experience working in the educational industry, with US and Colombian companies. She has a passion for working with people from different cultures.

Carolina spends her free time cooking for her loved ones and painting. She is a cat and coffee lover.