Benelux Research Universities


Is a Research University Right for You?

Research universities in Belgium and the Netherlands offer exemplary education in a student’s chosen field of study as well as a solid general training in scientific research. Many programs also integrate practical learning into the training so students are ready to begin professional careers upon graduation.

Undergraduate programs last three years or 180 credits, master’s programs are one to two years and PhD programs are two to four years, depending on the topic of study.

The Netherlands is home to 18 research universities, most of which have a wide array of topics to choose from. Three of the universities focus on technology and one focuses on agriculture and sciences. Read more about the top “research universities” in the Netherlands.

Between Flanders and Wallonia in Belgium, there are 11 highly-ranked research universities. Learn more here: “Flemish universities” & “Wallonian universities

Many partnerships exist between research universities in Belgium and the Netherlands and with universities in Brazil. For example, the University of Groningen recently established a dual doctoral program to allow top-notch biomedical students the opportunity to study in both Brazil and at Groningen. KU Leuven has partnerships with nine universities in Brazil, cultivating cutting-edge research in multiple fields.


Leiden University

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