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Leiden University


Top Research University in the World with Growing Connections in Brazil

Leiden University, once offering classes by Albert Einstein, ranks among the best institutions of higher education worldwide, and was the Netherlands’s highest ranked university in 2013.

Academic programs are not the only attraction for international students at Leiden, the university is also located in a picturesque, safe area with an excellent social environment and integration strategies for exchange students.

With a highly-diverse student body, Leiden began to partner with Brazil in 1998, offering a Brazilian studies focus as part of the Latin American Studies program, including classes in Portuguese. The strength of this program demonstrates both an institutional interest in Brazil and allows for Brazilian students to engage with individuals already interested in their culture, language, and history. Further, Leiden faculty have already established individual academic ties in Latin America, including disciplines from international relations and diplomacy to law and are actively seeking more connections.

Leiden anticipates increased scholarship offerings, research ties, exchange student enrollment, and Brazilian graduate research students joining this vibrant academic center. The quality of research and teaching set Leiden apart. The university is strengthened by new connections and collaborations in South America.


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