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 Excellent Rankings, International Focus

For the last five years, HZ University of Applied Science has consistently been ranked in the top three universities of applied science in the Netherlands. With a student body of 4,500, HZ applies a personal approach to education with small classes and customized study programs for each student.

HZ attracts over 500 international students each year for a number of compelling reasons. “What I particularly like is that the studies are very international. We work on international cases with students from all over the world,” explained Brazilian student, Anthony Meijer. “In my third year for example, I got the opportunity to work on a project in Vietnam. In such projects you realize the importance of taking into consideration all social, economic, and environmental aspects when looking for solutions to a specific problem.”

Of 23 total bachelor’s programs available, 9 are taught in English. “Our English programs are 50% international and are very highly ranked,” noted International Relations Manager Frank Audenaerde. International students may choose from an array of programs: International Business Management, International Business & Languages, Logistics Management, Chemistry, Water Management, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management/International Maintenance Management, Delta Management, and Vitality & Tourism Management.

HZ is located in the small coastal city of Vlissingen, where students have access to beautiful beaches and countless outdoor activities such as surfing and sailing. Due to the location on the water, internship opportunities abound with partner companies focused on tourism and logistics as well as water and delta management.

In addition to a wide array of courses and the location in Vlissingen, HZ’s programs provide students both theory and practice. Out of eight total semesters, students spend two semesters applying theory from the classroom in internships with partner companies all over the world. Students also enjoy guest lectures by professionals and go on company visits. HZ allows the opportunity for numerous real-life experiences, a valuable asset to students as they enter their careers.

Furthermore, applied research is a major focus at HZ. The university is an integral component in the partnership that has been formed with Brazilian CPNq for research on a bio-based economy. Students and professors at HZ work in cooperation with Brazilian institutions to generate renewable and environmentally-friendly resources for a more sustainable future.

For students seeking international experiences, real-life practice, a beautiful location, and high-quality research opportunities, HZ is an obvious choice.


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