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Haute École Libre de Bruxelles – Ilya Prigogine: An International Education in the Center of Europe

The highly international Haute École Libre de Bruxelles – Ilya Prigogine (HELB) places emphasis on a personalized program of study. With a local student population of 2,400, it is a smaller school, with individual attention granted from professors who are often healthcare professionals. Sixty percent of the students choose to study within the paramedical department, which offers bachelor’s and master’s in health, nursing, and physiotherapy. Other disciplines include social, economic, and HD technology.

Hands-on experience and high-value internships are the school’s focus. International partners throughout locations such as Europe, Senegal, and Canada offer students the chance to take their international education and internship experience even further. Internship partners in the fields of social ecology, physiotherapy, and nursing have been particularly successful. HELB is interested in creating relationships with companies in Brazil that would allow the school to send its highly-skilled students for internship opportunities.

Currently the school welcomes Erasmus students for year long exchanges and looks forward to welcoming Brazilian students into any of its wide array of courses.

HELB-Ilya Prigogine seeks to expand its relationship with Brazil in terms of welcoming Brazilian students, creating internship partners, and facilitating faculty exchange.


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