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Windesheim UAS


Windesheim University of Applied Sciences: Putting Research into Practice

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences ranks among the major Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences with a focus on real-life experience. “Learn and Do – that’s really our unique selling point,” explained International Coordinator of Windesheim’s Engineering department, Paul Touw. From company projects in the first year to six-month internships in the third and fourth years, every step of the way students have the opportunity to apply theory learned in the classroom to practical assignments.

Windesheim offers semester and full-year programs in mechanical, electrical and civil engineering; architecture; industrial management; logistics; product design; and information technology. International students can choose from a total of 28 exchange programs, all taught in English. Windesheim offers these programs in nine fields of interest, ranging from engineering, economics, and journalism to education and health and& welfare.

Windesheim welcomes Science-without-Borders students every year. “Overall, our experience with Brazilians has been really good,” noted International Coordinator of the ICT department, Ruben Cijsouw. “Students find an easy transition into life in safe and charming Zwolle, where almost everyone speaks English.”

International students relish Zwolle’s proximity to Schiphol airport, which allows easy access to all of Europe. Students also benefit from various large international companies being located in the vicinity, because this gives them many opportunities for internships.

Windesheim has enjoyed a strong student exchange partnership with Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto for the past three years. “The students from Ouro Preto have been really happy with the practical education we provide,” says Mr. Touw. “It helps them understand the theoretical background they get in Brazil. Not only do they enjoy the experience of being abroad, but also hands-on learning and seeing theory put into practice.” Students often attend classes Monday through Wednesday and spend time in internships applying what they have learned Thursday and Friday.

Given the success Windesheim has experienced with Brazil thus far, the University of Applied Sciences is seeking exchange partners with courses in English and with similar areas of study in small to mid-sized Brazilian cities.

Windesheim excels in applied research, particularly in the fields of engineering and information technology. “We are looking for partners that are willing to apply the research they have developed in Brazil within companies in the Netherlands. There are many possibilities for cooperation,” concluded Mr. Cijsouw.


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