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Hasselt University


Hasselt University, Cross-cultural Connections in the Center of Europe

With campuses in Hasselt and Diepenbeek, located with access to all that Europe has to offer, Hasselt University is a fantastic choice for Brazilian PhD or master’s students. Hasselt is a beautiful town where students can easily travel by train throughout Europe, and in town. Students are provided with bicycles, making travel simple and inexpensive. With multiple degree offerings in English, a well-established connection with Brazilian students and universities, and a small community atmosphere, Brazilian students feel at home at Hasselt.

Hasselt University focuses on helping students acquire in-depth knowledge and professional skills during their degree studies. It attracts many international students and researchers because of its excellent staff, which consists of leading authorities in research and education. Brazilian students can seek a master’s in management, transportation sciences, statistics, or biomedical sciences. Each program focuses on personal attention to the student, and is taught in English by top professors. Students have the opportunity to participate in research projects while they study for practical experience that prepares them for future employment.

Each year, Hasselt welcomes Brazilian exchange students, Science without Borders students, and professors from Brazilian universities. Yearly, Hasselt University hosts a few joint PhD degree students and many other master’s students come as exchange students. This demonstrated relationship with Brazil eases the transition for new students into life at Hasselt, and guarantees the connections made at the university will be long-lasting and cross-continental. Hasselt has a strong relationship with Brazil and welcomes additional students for higher education.



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