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Vesalius College


International Classrooms with Access to the World

Located in Brussels, the “Capital of Europe,” students from around the world can have a truly European experience studying at Vesalius College. Founded in 1987 by Vrije Universiteit Brussels and Boston University to offer undergraduate education in English, Vesalius College takes an American liberal arts college approach with small and interactive classes, continuous assessment, flexibility in course selection, and a humanistic approach to intellectual inquiry.

“We are small yet very international. Our student body is comprised of 350 students, representing more than 60 different nationalities,” said Silvia Dell’Acqua, Director of International Program Projects and Outreach. “All of our courses are taught by leading professors, well-known in their fields. They are truly passionate about what they teach and give special attention to each student.”

Vesalius offers three, three-year bachelor’s programs: in Business, Communications, and International Affairs. In fall 2015, a BA in International and European Law will be launched as the fourth major. Some students start working in various sectors upon graduation while 70-80% of the students move on to graduate schools after completing their bachelor’s degrees.

What is unique about Vesalius’ teaching style is that practice embedded learning (PEL) is part of every program. This means students learn not only the theories but also how theories are applied in real life by bringing Brussels-based executives, leaders, lawyers, journalists, policy makers, and other senior professionals into classrooms.

“Along with our Executive Course in Global Risk Analysis & Crisis Management, we often organize special guest lectures which are open to the public, outside the campus,” said Communications, Marketing & Recruitment Manager, Miwa Kitamura. “Our students find these lectures very interesting as these are great opportunities for them not only to hear what the experts in each field have to say about the given theme but also ask questions directly and get answers.”

Vesalius Internships Program (VIP) is another popular program that is available to the students. Students can undertake an internship of 150 hours per semester, which is arranged by the internship and career office with a range of excellent partners, from international organizations such as EU, NATO, and embassies to world-leading companies. Students learn and enjoy hands-on experiences in a very vibrant environment as part of their curriculum.

Students also benefit from additional overseas experience through the college’s Study Abroad Program. Brazilian students will be able not only to study in Brussels but also to spend a semester or two in Asia, Oceania, North America, or in other European countries.

If you consider yourself a globally-minded person and want to learn and explore new horizons, Vesalius College is the right place for you.


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