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Amsterdam School of the Arts


World-Renowned Arts Education in the Heart of Europe

The Amsterdam School of the Arts, comprising six academies and located in the heart of Amsterdam, has long been recognized as a center of excellence for arts education in Europe. Exceptionally talented students from around the world train with renowned experts at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, the Netherlands Film Academy, the Reinwardt Academy, de Theaterschool, the Academy of Architecture, and the Academy of Fine Arts in Education, at bachelor’s and master’s level.

The school welcomes many international students, and the majority of its courses are taught in English, as are all its master’s programs. Many are drawn to AHK’s unique offerings, which include, among many others, a master’s in orchestra conducting as well as the Dutch National Ballet Academy.

Vice President of the AHK Executive Board, Bridget Kievits, commented on the prestigious learning environment, “We choose our students after a rigorous selection process. Everybody who comes to the AHK has to audition. We are a very small-scale school with a very high level of excellence. We pay attention to every individual student; classes can be as small as five students, and at the Conservatorium, lessons are individual.” This level of intimacy allows students to collaborate and benefit from one another’s passion and motivation to learn and contribute to the arts.

Since the inception of Science without Borders, many Brazilian students have come to the AHK, which in turn has increased its partnerships with Brazil. Ms. Kievits explained, “Brazil is a leading economy in the region. The arts are of course international—music, film, dance and theatre are all international disciplines. It is important for us to establish contacts and build bridges to be aware of what is happening elsewhere and how we can benefit from each other.” One recently established cooperative exchange is between the AHK’s Conservatorium van Amsterdam and the Escola de Música do Estado de São Paulo.’

In addition, the AHK places a high level of importance on exposing students to different perspectives in the arts. “We welcome Brazilian students, because, coming from a Latin American country, they in many ways work and think differently from what we are used to. We find our students gaining experience of how things in other countries work. It’s very useful,” stated Ms. Kievits. With 24 Brazilian students currently enrolled across the AHK’s six institutes, the school has high hopes for increased collaboration with Brazil in the near future.


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