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Tilburg University


Excellence in Business, Economics, Social Sciences, and Law – Tilburg University

Tilburg University, specializing in business, economics, social sciences, and law is one of Europe’s top research universities. Its Economics, Marketing, International Business, and Social Sciences programs not only hold the highest rankings in the Netherlands, but throughout Europe. The university is renowned worldwide for its excellence in research and teaching.

This mid-sized university of 13,000 students currently hosts 16 Brazilian master’s students, in addition to a number of bachelor’s and Science without Borders students. Tilburg’s existing research and exchange partners include Universidade de São Paulo, Fundaçao Getulio Vargas São Paulo & Rio de Janeiro, and Pontificia Universidade Católica de Rio de Janeiro. Student recruitment in Brazil is a priority as 90 nationalities contribute to the 12% of international students on campus.

The campus is welcoming and easily navigable – boasting beautifully-landscaped gardens, an excellent modern library, and sport facilities. Moreover, students benefit from small class sizes, interactions with their professors, and engagement with alumni who contribute to the university’s impressive research output.

This year Tilburg is adding innovative new programs to its existing roster, specifically Global Law, Economics and Operations, and a master’s in data science.

International students who prioritize academic excellence will find remarkable opportunities at Tilburg University.


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