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University of Groningen


University of Groningen, Educating the Future’s Leading Researchers

The University of Groningen is not only one of the oldest and largest universities in the Netherlands, it is also one of the top research universities in Europe, committed to continuing relationships with Brazilian students and universities.

Located in the North of the Netherlands, the institution celebrated its 400th anniversary last year and was once again voted the top university in the country by the International Student Barometer. Celebrations took place throughout the city of Groningen, and students, accounting for 25% of the city’s population, provided the lively, sociable environment.

The University of Groningen is a comprehensive European research university that ranks within the top­100 of the world’s major university rankings. The university’s programs include Humanities, Social Sciences, Law, Economics and Business, Spatial Sciences, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, as well as Engineering and Technology. Committed to a global reach, 20% of Groningen professors, about 17% of undergraduate and master’s students, and nearly 50% of PhD students are international.

In fact, the University of Groningen is the top school involved with Science without Borders, and enrolls more Brazilian undergraduate students, as well as doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, than any other research university in the Netherlands.

Of particular note is the Graduate School of Medical Sciences, which established a strategic partnership with Latin America, specifically Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, and Mexico. The university sees international diversity as a key component in cutting­edge research, but focuses on collaboration and refuses to sacrifice the quality of students admitted for this sake.

The faculty is invested in sending researchers to Brazil as well, and is open to establishing a two­way mobility program. The program stands out for its frequency of exchange and long­term commitment to fostering partnerships with students and researchers from Brazil. “We are very serious and we’re not just there to take Brazilian funding or take their best students—no. We want this to be on a collaborative basis,” said Groningen Professor Han Moshage.

Through the university’s latest collaboration with Brazil, Dual Doctoral Programs (DDP) were established to provide high­potential, international students in biomedical sciences the opportunity to pursue the research field of their choice. University of Groningen Coordinator for Latin America, Joyce Fongers concluded, “In addition to providing education, we are also educating the leading researchers of the future.”


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