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Small School with Big Business: Centenary University to Celebrate 150 Years


Dr. Joseph Linskey

Dean of the School of International Programs

Founded in 1867, Centenary University will soon celebrate 150 years as a prominent institution of higher education in New Jersey. With 94% of students employed within one year of graduation, Centenary University prepares students for the workforce and provides a community in which students can thrive and pursue their passions. With approximately 2,200 students, Centenary boasts a strong student-to-faculty ratio and is able to provide students with personalized attention.

Business School Offers Traditional, Online, or Accelerated MBA

Centenary University attracts international students from all corners of the world. “As a small school, individual attention to international students is important to us. We offer an extremely high level of student care and support. It’s a very good environment for international students to study in. The town that we are located in is very safe as well,” explained School of International Programs Dean, Dr. Joseph Linskey.

Centenary’s business programs are popular amongst international students who appreciate the global focus and the opportunity to bring relevant skills and knowledge back to their home countries. At the undergraduate level, nearly every international student receives some kind of scholarship through the college. At the graduate level, students may pursue an MBA in one of three formats: traditional, online, or accelerated.

Induction for MBA programs in Missouri for latin america students

East Coast Location: Plenty of Student Internship Opportunities

International students are also drawn to programs in environmental science, fashion, social media, and sports management. The university’s East Coast location translates to a multitude of opportunities for experiential learning across all fields.

Dr. Linskey stated, “Throughout the local area and New York City, there are internships available in all parts of the business industry. The faculty have contacts in almost every area.” Opportunities to intern with major sports teams are not uncommon, for instance.

These relationships offer unparalleled opportunities for international students looking to break into global business or sports management fields. Latin American students have always thrived at Centenary, and the university hopes to welcome more students from Latin America to its business and other degree programs.

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