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Creative Practice of Management at Drucker


Management guru Peter Drucker’s holistic approach to management uniquely blends the human element with the analytical—giving students at the Drucker School of Management the values and versatility to succeed in an ever-evolving business environment.

The creative industries (technology, media, and entertainment) already dominate California’s economy and promise to be increasingly important in the global economy in the coming decade. More and more international students have joined the Drucker MBA programs, which stand out among their US competitors for their focus on management in creative industries. More broadly, creativity plays a key role in the school’s specialized master’s programs in approaches to problem solving as well as leadership of both commercial and non-profit ventures.

Center for Management of the Creative Industries

Drucker’s Arts Business program is a particularly good example of this blended perspective. Students learn to navigate highly unregulated art markets and prepare for a career in the many asset-driven sectors of the visual art world. With courses offered at both the main campus and the school’s new classroom in downtown Los Angeles’ vibrant art scene, this program has drawn particular interest from its Latin American students. Drucker now offers a concentration in Latin American Art that prepares students for careers that span the Americas—an increasingly important axis of commercial and cultural activity.

Drucker School of Management

Practical Learning and Creative Innovation

While the school is based in Los Angeles, Drucker students travel to learn about many different industries. “Our dean is very much focused on technology and innovation,” explained Senior Director, Management Programs, Nola Wanta. “Each spring we take a group of students to Silicon Valley to visit different tech companies such as Netflix, Apple, and Google.” Similarly, students in Drucker’s outstanding Financial Engineering program visit Wall Street’s financial institutions in order to gain a first-hand perspective on trading and investments.

The Drucker School of Management combines small class sizes with big ideas when it comes to the practice of management. Adding creativity and the human element to the equation means the school considers more than just the bottom line. This cross-pollination of disciplines appeals not only to the creative industries surrounding Drucker’s Los Angeles-based campus, but also to global businesses and students seeking to learn exceptional creative management practices.

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