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Jose Aldrich – Acting Dean Of FIU, College of business

Jose M Aldrich, Acting Dean

Florida International University College of Business

Ranked 5th “Best International Business Program” by U.S. News & World Report in 2017, Florida International University (FIU) in Miami caters to students from all over the world, while maintaining strong connections to Latin America.

International Influence

With multiple MBA tracks, a curriculum with an international perspective, and the ability to specialize within business degrees, FIU business graduates are viewed as assets to a company’s talent mix and are recruited regularly.

“A large majority of Fortune 500 companies come here to recruit because of our history of graduating Hispanic business professionals,” highlighted College of Business Acting Dean Jose Aldrich.

More than 60% of FIU students are Latin Americans, which not only offers a unique perspective in the classroom, but helps inform an evolving, international-focused curriculum. In addition to the influence of the students themselves, FIU has a strong network of relationships with over 40 international universities. Click here for information about FIU’s study abroad and dual degree programs.

“Our international focus provides students the ability to understand business from all corners of the world,” said Acting Dean Aldrich.

MBA in Florida

Tailored Teaching

In addition to university exchanges, FIU is also developing specialized partnerships with Latin American businesses seeking customized curricula driven by market needs.

“We have noticed a trend in companies looking to outsource training to universities,” explained Acting Dean Aldrich. “Consequently, we are building out our executive and professional education programs to meet the needs of these companies throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.”

The FIU teaching approach is a good fit for today’s marketplace as it relies on case studies and teamwork. “You find that when you get out into the business environment, no one person knows everything. You need to leverage the skills of a team across different parts of an organization in order to be successful,” explained Acting Dean Aldrich.

FIU’s College of Business will continue to collaborate with its international partners in order create more joint programs and opportunities. “That, to me, is the most exciting part—to be able to be innovative in creating programs to address the needs of the market and the needs of the student,” concluded Acting Dean Aldrich.

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