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Innovative Lynn University Offers Online MBA with Options


Lynn University is an independent, nonprofit institution, rated as one of the most innovative schools in the United States. Located one hour from Miami, Florida, it is also one of the most international schools in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report. Nearly 25% of Lynn University’s students are international, hailing from approximately 100 nations.

The university offers an online MBA option for students all over the world who desire to become entrepreneurs or drive change in their companies, teaching them the skills they need to bring their next business idea to fruition. With the economic impact that Latin America has already had—and continues to have—on the global economy, Lynn is eager to offer the online MBA to forward-thinking, ambitious students in this region of the world.

Customizable Curriculum and Distinguished Faculty

Students begin with core courses that provide broad, multilayered perspectives on the past, present, and future of business. They can customize their studies through three open elective courses and eleven specializations, including Entrepreneurial Management, International Business Management, Hospitality Management, Financial Valuation and Investment Management, Marketing, and Sports Management. Each specialization is taught by expert faculty members who are dedicated to student development. Because Lynn professors are professionals with real-world experience in the subject matter they teach, they are well-positioned to share cutting-edge knowledge and know-how with aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders.


Online Advantages

Lynn is an Apple-Distinguished institution, receiving this honor for innovation, leadership, educational excellence, and the use of technology to maximize learning opportunities. Its online MBA program uses the iPad to integrate Lynn-developed apps, iTunes U, iBooks, and LiveText into the learning experience.
Lynn’s online students enjoy the same quality of learning and academic rigor as its on-campus students, and are awarded the same degree. With a student-faculty ratio of 15:1, online MBA students receive individualized attention from their professors regardless of their location. Lynn’s asynchronous, student-centered approach to learning gives program enrollees the flexibility to learn online at any time and is especially well-suited to individuals who reside in a different time zone. Though learning off-campus, online students are welcomed into the Lynn community and benefit from the university’s accomplished, global alumni network.

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Online MBA Program Facts:

Delivery format: 100% online
Minimum completion time: 1 year
Total tuition: $25,560
Total credits: 36 (12 Courses: 6 required, 3 specialization, and 3 elective)
Admission requirements: Bachelor’s degree, GPA 2.5, TOEFL or IELTS Score, No GMAT

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