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Montana State University Billings (MSUB) offers a unique learning experience amidst an exceptionally welcoming community in downtown Billings, the largest city in the state of Montana. Students choosing to study at MSUB have an experience enhanced through community connections and programs such as Executives-in-Residence, community internships, and client-based projects.

MSUB currently enrolls about 150 international students that come to enjoy the close-knit feel of Billings. The community is welcoming to students from all over the world and provides abundant opportunities to practice English. With the relatively small class size, students enjoy hands-on learning and personal attention from instructors who teach in an interactive style as opposed to lecture style. This approach makes it conducive for faculty and students to work with each other, creating an even greater interactive experience.

Community Engagement

Students have opportunities to engage with the community through internships. “We have a number of companies that are interested in internships and we coordinate that effort with the local Big Sky Economic Development Corporation,” explained Dean of the College of Business, Dr. Barbara Wheeling. “Students work with local businesses or nonprofits-writing business plans, doing marketing research, even setting up accounting systems.”

“Because of our integrated learning with the community of Billings, international students learn about potential career opportunities in the United States,” added Director of International Studies, Paul Foster. “They have the opportunity to work alongside local business executives such as at Exxonmobil.”


New Educational Initiatives

MSUB is embarking on a state-of- the-art classroom called Teaching Enhanced Interactive Learning where students work in groups and make presentations in a non-traditional classroom setting. The school has also made arrangements to purchase a financial markets platform to get students more acquainted with financial markets.

MSUB has partnership agreements with international universities and supports exchange programs to encourage student and staff mobility. “We have an Entrepreneurship and Management professor from Chile. He has been in the industry for some time and ran businesses before entering academia. He serves as a great connection between MSUB and our partners in Latin America,” concluded Mr. Foster.

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