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A pillar of America’s oldest technological university—Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute-the Lally School of Management (Lally) brings together technology and business across its many innovative programs, ranging from Supply Chain Management to Business Analytics. Lally offers business degrees at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels, as well combination programs with science, law, and engineering degrees.


Gina O’Connor

Associate Dean

There are six master’s degrees, including the MBA, MS in Management, as well as four specialized MS degrees:

Boasting small class sizes and an individualized approach, Lally is known for its focus on experiential learning and providing engaging opportunities for students in their fields of interest.

A Hands-on MBA Program

The MBA program at Lally can be completed in as few as 12 months and if students opt for a summer internship or specialized master’s degree, they may tag on an additional semester. As the university has a technological focus, business students take courses such as Business Implications of Emerging Technologies and a year long course in New Product Development, which involves working with local companies and presenting to business executives.

Highlights of the MBA program include visiting key technological hubs in the US. “For the last three years we have gone to Silicon Valley where we arrange visits with alumni who are executives in some of the leading established companies there. It’s an excellent experience,” commented Lally’s Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor Gina O’Connor.


Entrepreneurship at Lally

With its own incubator program and technology park, Lally fosters opportunities for entrepreneurship and professional development from the start. The school hosts competitions, leads academic trips to Washington, D.C., and encourages students to work with their peers and professors on exciting research projects and business pursuits.

“Our students have the opportunity to work with faculty and graduate students in the schools of Engineering and Science to help commercialize their technologies, as well as with our Entrepreneurship Center,” added Professor O’Connor.

Specialized Master’s Programs, such as the Master’s in Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship, enable students to combine legal courses with technology and entrepreneurship, creating graduates with unique skillsets for today’s job market. For students with a passion for technology and an entrepreneurial spirit, the Lally School of Management is an excellent choice.

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