Top 20 Blogs Every Business Student Can Benefit From

If building a successful and thriving business was easy, everybody would be doing it. The fact that stories of successful entrepreneurs are so highly valued shows how difficult such success stories are to come by. However, that doesn’t make it an impossible feat. It just requires that much more dedication, focus, and hard work.

There is no cookie-cutter method to establishing a successful business. Everybody takes a different path to get to their promised land. There is something to learn from each of their stories. Such real life success stories form a huge part of the learning experience for business students and budding entrepreneurs.

Classroom learning in and of itself does not suffice to survive in today’s competitive world. But, there are certain websites and sources that function as an MBA guide to study in the USA, for clueless foreign students. It is essential for business students and aspiring entrepreneurs to read up on the life and journey of other entrepreneurs who have turned their humble ventures into globally competitive businesses. Many of them dole out tips, advice, and lessons they have learned along the way by penning it down in the form of blog posts.

These blogs aim to motivate, educate, and inspire business students, budding and established entrepreneurs to set higher goals and push themselves daily to greater success. While there are many blogs written by entrepreneurs, both big and small, you need to find the ones relevant to you and speak to your goals and ambitions.

Trying to sift through the many blogs can be a time-consuming and tedious task. So, we have compiled a list of the must-read blogs for business students and even those starting out in the business world. It runs the gamut from informational to thought-provoking, and is filled with guidance, tips, and business-related news to keep you up-to-date.

Think Entrepreneurship

This blog founded by Pete Sveen contains articles ranging from motivational to some great business tips to treasure. This blog was started as a tool for Pete to share his entrepreneurial journey and along the way inspire others to start their own ventures. Apart from articles, there are also podcasts which are mainly interviews or talks with successful entrepreneurs. So, whether you are looking for tips to amplify your business or just some source of daily inspiration, this is the blog you need to head to.


Think Entrepreneurship logo

Andrew Torba’s Medium Blog

For people looking for some start-up wisdom, Andrew Torba’s blog is the go-to destination. Some of the top posts include “How To Write Emails Like A CEO”, “How To Transform A Lost Customer Into A Raving Fan”, “Turn Off Your Phone, Ignore That Email, And Enjoy The Moment”. The blog is also updated with news and information sourced from the business world, along with articles from their team. The posts are extremely well-written, have great visuals, and are relatable for fellow entrepreneurs.


Andrew Torba’s Medium Blog logo

360 Connext

How you make your customers and employees feel will go a long way in helping you establish a successful business. Jeannie Walters is the founder of this blog, which specializes in the cornerstones of customer experience, employee engagement and social media connections. Entrepreneurs experiencing growing pains, businesses looking to improve their customer experience, and aspiring leaders who want to be enlightened with business truths, there is a slice of information in here for everybody.


360 Connext logo

Small Business CEO

As the name suggests, it contains articles and information aimed at small business CEOs. Business students and aspiring entrepreneurs can find a collection of useful articles organized in categories that match the major functions of a business. The articles aim to help business CEOs with all aspects of starting, running, and leading their own business. There is also a directory of helpful websites that serve the small business market.


Small Business CEO logo


Started by Matt Wilson and Jared O’Toole, who have educational backgrounds in business and finance, this is a great place for the young people who have the passion to go beyond their office cubicles, and build a successful business for themselves. With topics like “How To Be A Great CEO”, “Powerful Strategies To Live Better And Be More Productive”, and “7 Stoic Principles Every Entrepreneur Must Embrace”, this blog serves as a great informational platform for start-ups and emerging CEOs, and also helps them overcome their fear of failure.


Under30CEO logo


Recognized by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, and many other prestigious magazines and newspapers, this is one of the largest online resource for small businesses, providing them with essential tools and resources to start, grow, and manage their business effectively. Every day they post original feature stories showing how real business owners and experts deal with the issues and challenges facing all small businesses in an attempt to help aspiring entrepreneurs tackle each day with grit and determination.


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Small Biz Survival

This blog is geared toward small town businesses with how-to articles, an emphasis on social media marketing, and a weekly chance to share your good news in their Brag Basket. You can also find links to small town business articles and stories on their Twitter and Facebook profiles. As a small town entrepreneur herself, Becky McCray, believes entrepreneurs have a lot to teach other businesses. Through this blog you can learn how to survive pressure from competitors, lack of skills in the workforce, and how to convert every challenge into an opportunity.


Small Biz Survival logo

Work Matters

“Taking The Path Of Most Resistance”, “12 Books That Every Leader Should Read”, “12 Things Good Bosses Believe In” are just some of the informational articles you can find here. Success is rarely all it is cracked up to be. Dreams often lose their grandeur when they come true. Through this blog, the author helps aspiring entrepreneurs understand what it takes to scale up the excellence ladder in business, how to get through the bad times, or how to deal with difficult employees.


Work Matters logo

Positive Organizational Behavior

With a passion for leadership and management, Bret L. Simmons started this blog with a purpose to change his readers’ mind about the value of partnering with others to build healthy, responsible organizations where everyone can thrive. Also as a faculty for MBA and Executive MBA courses, he writes articles based on his research on employee attitudes, personality, and performance. From learning about accountability, communication to personal branding and leadership service, as a novice entrepreneur you will find plenty of resources to help you along your journey.


Positive Organizational Behavior logo

Management Craft

“Life can be tough, a hassle, draining, and disappointing. It can also be amazing, intriguing, and full of delightful surprises”, says Lisa Haneberg. As an organization development practitioner and writer, she believes management is a craft and is built over time. Her blog is intended to help catalyze conversations that help everybody grow and do better work. There are categories like workplace happiness, business tools, podcasts and webcasts, and management, which educate business students on how to overcome the various challenges they are bound to face in their businesses and workplaces.


Management Craft logo

Both Sides Of The Table

This blog features perspectives of a 2x entrepreneur turned VC (venture capitalist), the largest and most active early stage fund in Southern California. This blog offers plenty of useful advice and inside scoop on how start-ups functions and what to expect as you begin this momentous journey of building a successful business. Many successful business owners have reached the stage where they are at today after passing through many major hurdles and in some cases, even failures. Here you can learn how to decrease the odds of your start-up failing, why you should put yourself out there and try new products among many other things.


Both Sides Of The Table logo

Chic CEO

If you are a woman and an aspiring entrepreneur at that, this is your haven. Crafted completely for women entrepreneurs, present and future, this website features resources for women who didn’t know how to implement their ideas or were too afraid to take the plunge. Here, you will find easy to understand and easy to implement business knowledge in its most basic form. And, best of all, you will find women who are willing to share their advice and experiences to help those getting started find their way easily in this maze of responsibilities. Designed just for women who want to or have already started a business, where they can come together to get and share ideas and information to help the women entrepreneur community thrive.


Chic CEO logo

Dan Martell

Go hard. Just don’t be stupid. Dan Martell considers this as a fantastic piece of business advice. Having raised more than $2 million for his start-ups, and as an investor in 30+ start-ups today, he doles out advice regarding all the major aspects of running a business. Articles like “How To Choose And Idea If The Solution Already Exists”, “The Way To Measure Your Productivity As An Entrepreneur”, “The 3 Business Personalities and The 3 Cycles Of Business Growth”, help up-and-coming start-up owners to handle the different challenges and understand the various aspects of business growth.


Dan Martell logo

Entrepreneur On Fire

Having featured incredible entrepreneurs such as Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran, Brian Tracy, and over 1500 others, it is full of motivational articles to keep you going on a daily basis. From knowing what it takes to run a successful business, how to be a winner every day, how to feel accomplished and productive at the end of every day, or even a new take on patience, this blog has you covered as you hop along trying to establish a successful business.


Entrepreneur On Fire logo

Location 180

Sean, the Head Rebel of this blog, had two goals, to travel the world and to start his own business. However, spending 60 hours a week behind a desk, crunching numbers as a financial analyst wasn’t taking him to his goal any quicker. So, he left it all, and followed his heart to have the adventure he was dreaming about. And, now, through his blog, he inspires people who feel they are stuck in their job and lack the guts to follow their dream. Drawing from his experiences, he writes on how to stay motivated as an entrepreneur, how to bust through a business plateau, how to prioritize when your plate seems full, and so much more. If you are waiting for that golden opportunity to set out to achieve your dreams, then this blog should be on your must-read list.


Location 180 logo

Young Upstarts

At its heart, this blog is all about showcasing content that highlight young people and what they do, celebrating their vision and role in changing the world with their ideas, products, and services. This blog is all about entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, ideas, innovations, and small businesses. From using Super Bowl as an illustration to teach about the world of business to articles on the most valuable degrees for business owners, building a great team culture, and creative experiential marketing ideas for start-ups, it teaches young entrepreneurs all about starting, managing, and growing their business ideas.


Young Upstarts logo

Jim’s Marketing Blog

One of the core principles of a successful business is the owner’s marketing skills. Having worked in marketing, with his own successful marketing business, Jim Connolly teaches entrepreneurs on what constitutes great marketing through his blogs. Successful or ineffective marketing paints a picture in the mind of your prospective customer, and determines how many customers your business is able to attract. Apart from some great tips on marketing, there are also articles on how to massively improve your business, why you should give your best advice for free, tips to build a valuable newsletter list, and so much more.


Jim's Marketing Blog logo


As a budding entrepreneur if you are looking to get informed and educated on the key aspects of running a business, then, this is the blog for you. It contains articles which run the entire gamut of B2B firms, lessons for marketers, social media and online marketing strategies, and more, all of which are aimed at enhancing your knowledge about not only how to run a successful business, but also about all the trending topics in the business world. Knowing about the key trends is equally important to stay ahead of your competitors and be a front-runner in your niche.


Biznology logo

Fresh Sales Strategies

For a start-up, being able to pitch their product or service is a big deal. Sometimes, since the business is new, it becomes difficult to convince people why they should buy your product or service. This blog teaches entrepreneurs all about sales strategies, follow-up strategies, how to tackle the hindrance to email cold call, and sales strategies to avoid. Being equipped with the right sales advice will help you clock many winning deals and succeed in an increasingly complex sales environment. And, what better way to learn than from Jill Konrath’s relentless search for fresh strategies that actually work, delivered to the readers through her blogs.


Fresh Sales Strategies logo

No More Cold Calling

Joanne Black’s sales, management, and training experience spans decades and crosses multiple industry. Drawing on this experience she doles out tips and advice on how to get more sales, especially for small business owners. Articles like how to land and expand relationships, why sales managers need street smarts, why cold calling and stupid prospecting don’t work, and others educate small business owners on what strategies are effective and what are not. Many small businesses resort to cold calling and other prospecting methods which do not yield them much results. These blogs will help them understand what works and how to employ the most effective strategies.


No More Cold Calling logo

Being up-to-date on what is trending in the business world is an essential aspect to being successful in your business. Business students need more than their classroom knowledge to make it in the real world. Apart from business students, these blogs are also useful for promising business masterminds and business tycoons, as it deals with every aspect of not only starting a business but also managing it efficiently.

As a business student and an aspiring entrepreneur, there is no better way to learn than from people who have already tread a similar path and managed to carve a stellar name for themselves against all odds. Students could also browse through guides that offer tips and guidance to students who aspire to study an MBA in the USA.