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A Commitment to Student Success

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The University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business (Daniels) is the eighth oldest business school in the United States and the most recognized college in the Rocky Mountain West. Accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), Daniels is ranked among the nation’s top business schools. According to SR Education Group – Top Graduate Programs ranking, it is ranked #18 on the list of “Top US Business Schools” and #27 on the list of “Top US MBA Programs”—joining institutions like Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, and Stanford.

Daniels is committed to student success and this is reflected not only in top rankings from major business publications, but in the College’s unique blend of action-based learning through collaboration with companies domestically and internationally, business-savvy faculty, and offering of personalized career and leadership coaching services for students.

Wide Range of Graduate Business Program Offerings

The College offers several graduate business programs that appeal to international students and that are tailored to different experience levels, specialties, and career aspirations. The Master of Science in Business Analytics and the Master of Science in Applied Quantitative Finance are STEM designated, giving international students the opportunity to remain in the United States to gain work experience in the country for up to 36 months after graduation. For other graduate degrees, students may remain in the United States for up to 12 months after graduation to gain work experience in the country. Daniels is also exploring a strategic vision in Latin America to include expanded faculty research partnerships and hosting conferences with universities in the region.

Executive MBA Denver, Colorado
Dr. Brent Chrite – 16th Dean of the Daniels College of Business

Dr. Brent Chrite

The 16th Dean of the Daniels College of Business

Brad Rosenwinkel – Executive Director of Graduate Student Services (DU)

Brad Rosenwinkel

Executive Director of Graduate Student Services

Innovative Curriculum, Ethical Leadership

Since its founding, the Daniels College of Business has earned a reputation for pioneering change. The College has continually created innovative, exemplary programs to anticipate the evolving needs of the market—from the country’s first degree in real estate and construction management to one of the world’s first MBA programs rooted in the principles of ethics and values-based leadership.

“The curriculum integrates social, environmental, and ethical issues while giving students the resources and insights needed to navigate ever-evolving business challenges with integrity,” explained the Assistant Director of International Graduate Enrollment, Nancy Vega.

The College recognizes that the world is being shaped by a convergence of forces not seen before—and too many management education institutions remain committed to a 19th century business model for a 21st century marketplace. Employers have repeatedly expressed a need for graduates with the ability to embrace change and shift rapidly. They seek those with complex reasoning, problem-solving and decision-making skills, and the fundamental business knowledge necessary to succeed in a hyper-connected, technology-driven global marketplace.

The demand is clear. The timing is urgent. The Daniels College of Business is uniquely positioned to revolutionize management education for this new and intensely competitive economic marketplace. Overall, the College is preparing students to think innovatively, take risks, and shift their approach accordingly when facing business issues now, and into the future.

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