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UM-Flint: The Best in Value & Innovation

AASCB-accredited University of Michigan-Flint’s School of Management was recently awarded a Tier One ranking by CEO Magazine for MBA programs in North America. High rankings, technology-rich facilities, forward-thinking methodology, affordability, and a stimulating urban campus make UM-Flint an easy choice for international students.

An Affordable, Practical MBA

UM-Flint MBA students benefit from the program’s constant focus on real-world application. Students work in groups, each leveraging previous work experience, to create solutions for complex case studies.

“There are many team projects and that’s what employers are looking for—students who can interact with other people and accomplish tasks,” explained Dean Scott Johnson.

MBA programs are further characterized by small classes, expert faculty, and the ability to choose from eight concentrations for developing advanced skill sets.

“In terms of tuition we have the lowest cost that any school has at the University of Michigan, which is a real benefit to students especially when they are traveling,” added Dean Johnson. In addition to low tuition and cost of living, international students can apply for paid graduate student instructor positions as well as a range of merit-based scholarships exclusively for business students.


Exciting New Programs

With business education moving always in the direction of innovation, UM-Flint recently launched a new program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management alongside the opening of a cutting- edge Entrepreneurship Center.

Supply Chain Management is a new and growing undergraduate program as well, which utilizes local industry strengths in the automotive industry.

Dual Degrees

Recognizing the need for general management skills within other fields, UM-Flint offers dual enrollment programs where UM-Flint nursing or anesthesia students, for example, can also get their MBA.

An Ideal Partner

In UM-Flint’s commitment to a global education for all business students, the School of Management is offering exceptional value for international student exchange partners. International students coming from partner universities pay only in-state tuition, providing a significant discount for a top-notch education. “We welcome students and university partnerships in Latin America,” added Dean Johnson.

Student Testimonial

  • All you have to do to make your dreams happen, is to try. When I first left Brazil, I was unsure if I would even stay in the United States. Five years later, I am certain the US is my home (at least for now). At first, I had questions on how to even get everything started, but when you want something, you can get it. It takes drive, and perseverance, but nothing in this world is impossible. If I had one advice, I would say that it is important to understand that four years is very little time to enjoy what this University has to offer, so wake up hungry to do things, to learn things, to meet people, and to make a difference. Four years isn't enough to meet everyone, it isn't enough to join all student organizations, it isn't enough to study all you actually need to study, it isn't enough to party (it never is), and it isn't enough to sleep. Take the ride for yourself, what you get in return, is a lot more than you can even think. Welcome to the University of Michigan.

    Ursula Fialho International Business Major

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