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Wake Forest University School of Business: A Tradition of Impact

While many business programs focus primarily on the technical skills needed to graduate, the Wake Forest University (WFU) School of Business takes a more holistic approach to prepare its graduates. By incorporating business skills with honor and integrity, the Wake Forest School of Business produces principled leaders who positively influence the corporate world.

Vision and Values

In taking a holistic approach to student education, the WFU School of Business develops “professionals with a strong moral compass and a firm understanding of implications of globalism in whatever they do,” explained WFU Senior Associate Dean of Diversity & Global Initiatives and Professor of Management, Derek Avery. This context offers a critical, competitive edge and ensures the school is consistently placed among the world’s best by major ranking organizations.

Wake Forest business students work in the atrium of Farrell Hall on Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

Premier Programs

The school’s Master of Science in Accountancy (MSA) is one of the top accounting programs in the nation. With an unmatched CPA pass rate and 100% employment rate, WFU is a premier recruiting school for the world’s leading accounting firms.

As one of the most innovative programs in graduate business education, the 10-month Master of Arts (MA) in Management builds on the skills and knowledge gained in liberal arts, sciences, or engineering undergraduate studies to provide a competitive edge across a broad range of careers.

WFU also recently launched its Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA), a program designed from the input of corporate partners to meet industry demand. Students in the MSBA program focus on experiential learning projects and gain technical skills across a full spectrum of analytics methodologies. This way, they graduate with the marketable skills top employers value most.

Notably, the MSBA program is STEM and OPT certified, providing enhanced employment opportunities for international students by allowing them to work for 2.5 years in the US to obtain a work visa.


Diverse, Global Perspectives

The WFU experience is further differentiated by the diversity of overseas students coming to study and lend a new perspective in the classroom. Recognizing globalism as one of the school’s core values, Mr. Avery has prioritized development of Latin American partnerships not only with educational institutions, but key industry partners, in order to facilitate job opportunities for students looking outside the United States.

Developing passionate, ethical business leaders is the hallmark of the WFU Business School; the program’s focus on career readiness through practical experience generates graduates who make an immediate impact while maintaining the utmost integrity.

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