Queen Margaret’s School


Queen Margaret’s School Supports the Development of Young Women in a Safe Environment

Queen Margaret’s School (QMS) is more than your typical high school. With an all-girls college preparatory education, an emphasis on STEM subjects, a stellar arts program, an on-campus equestrian program, community service, and outdoor education programs, Queen Margaret School’s globally-minded offerings go above and beyond the average high school experience.

The school is located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, which happens to have the warmest average climate in Canada. The safe and welcoming community allows young women the freedom to explore and prepare themselves for the independence of university studies.

For International Students, a Canadian Family Experience

Two-thirds of the diverse student body are day students and the remaining girls live in a residence on campus – just 50 steps away from the classrooms and technology center. Boarding students are often welcomed into the homes of their day student friends, offering an immersion into Canadian culture.

Director of Admissions Rebecca McKay explained, “For more than 50 years, we have welcomed families from Latin America. We understand the cultural priorities of safety and academic challenge, and recognize that Brazilians and Canadians share a commitment to close family ties.”

A Fully Integrated Equestrian Program

At QMS, riding is more than just an extracurricular activity; it is integrated into the daily class schedule and campus life. In fact, QMS is the only school in Canada to have riding lessons within the school timetable. Students have the opportunity to bring a horse to school or ride a school horse to develop their riding skills.

“The unique equestrian program really enhances the culture at our school,” emphasized Ms. McKay. “[Students] attend an English, science, or math class in their riding pants, walk to the Equestrian Center for their riding lesson, and return in time for their next subject.”

A Well-rounded Education

QMS is a STEM school (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and teaches the curriculum in a style geared towards how young women learn. The arts program is another standout feature and allows motivated students to develop a foundation in design. The combination of STEM subjects and the arts is a particular plus for young women interested in architecture, engineering, applied design, or clothing design.

For English learners the school offers an integrated ESL program where students are placed in regular classes with the support of an ESL specialist. This approach is designed to develop a student’s spoken and written English skills quickly so they can be successful in the QMS community, higher education, and life.


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