St. George’s School


Excellence in Boys’ Education

Nestled in Vancouver, British Columbia, St. George’s School enrolls 1,100 boys from over 20 countries worldwide, tailoring curriculum and activities to their unique needs. As a member of CAIS and the International Boys’ Schools Coalition, St. George’s is known as a world leader in the education of boys.

Evidenced-based Teaching Methods

Research in learning styles and developmental studies of children’s brains indicate that most boys are kinesthetic learners, meaning they learn best with hands-on, active education rather than listening to lectures or reading information in a book.

“We tailor our program to the ways that boys learn,” explained Director of Admissions Gordon Allan. “We put a lot of energy into structuring a curriculum and school culture that is geared toward meeting boys’ educational needs, maximizing their strengths, and strategically emphasizing those courses where boys typically struggle.”

Diverse opportunities

Students have a rich array of opportunities, including over 20 Advanced Placement (AP) courses, 60 academic electives, 100 athletic options, 20 varsity sports, and 50 student clubs including bee keeping, investing, and political debate.

Niche passions are encouraged at St. George’s. The Robotics Club competes at the university level and is focused on underwater robotics. An animation course is taught by a former Walt Disney animator. The outdoor education program features challenging wilderness adventures. Sixty percent of the school is involved in music — in fact, a former student from Brazil was a well-known opera singer and has continued to pursue this passion post-graduation.

St. George’s continues to be a provincial skiing and snowboarding champion, as well as local champions in soccer, rugby, basketball, and swimming—all of which are flagship athletics in British Columbia.

Selective Admissions

St. George’s admits top-tier students with a demonstrated passion for excellence. Over 1,000 applications are received for 150 positions annually. The student-driven school culture motivates students to pursue their academic and personal excellence as they evolve into “fine young men.”

“There is compelling evidence that the most powerful influence in a child’s life is his peer group,” said Mr. Allan. “Here, students have the best possible peer-to-peer influences possible. It is a school where it is cool to be a good student and to be engaged.”

21st Century Learning

St. George’s School has recently announced a campaign which will realize new academic and art buildings, featuring architecture to encourage modern team-based teaching, and Socratic learning techniques. “Our vision is to become Canada’s world school for boys,” said Mr. Allan.


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