Surprising Facts: How Same-Gender Schools Can Help Your Child Thrive


Over the years, Canadian high schools have conducted extensive studies to help create the best learning environments possible for their students. Time and time again, these studies have revealed that the practice of specializing high school education for boys and girls is well-substantiated.

How does your child learn best? Does your son have trouble focusing in a traditional classroom environment, but thrive with hands-on learning? Does your daughter shy away from leadership roles in coeducational settings? Studies have shown that boys and girls assimilate knowledge in different ways, and gender-specialized schools can ensure that your child’s learning needs are being met.

Some of Canada’s Top All-Girls and All-Boys High Schools

St. George’s School (Vancouver, British Columbia) provides an all-boys environment where the curriculum is tailored to meet the learning needs of male students. The school focuses on hands-on learning approaches, encourages students to pursue niche passions (such as underwater robotics and claymation), and strategically addresses areas in which male students may typically struggle (such as encouraging hands-on as opposed to pure lecture-style learning).

St. Margaret’s School (Victoria, British Columbia) and Queen Margaret’s School (Duncan, British Columbia) both take pride in encouraging girls to thrive in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). These schools offer extra support, resources, and guidance for girls interested in STEM careers, enabling them to focus on their studies in a supportive, all-girls environment.

Manitoba’s only all-girls boarding school, Balmoral Hall School (Winnipeg, Manitoba) boasts 115 years of encouraging girls to follow their dreams and be unique individuals. Alumnae include politicians, judges, Grammy-winning artists, and more.

At Trafalgar Castle School (Whitby, Ontario), girls are exposed to an exceptionally wide range of academic and extracurricular choices in an intimate, small-school setting of only 200 students. Head of School Dr. Leanne Foster noted, “When our girls graduate, they feel confident, prepared for university, and believe their future possibilities are endless.”


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