Trafalgar Castle School


Trafalgar Castle School, Girls Shine Here

For over 140 years, Trafalgar Castle School near Toronto, ON has offered an excellent education for girls and young women; it is a place where students grow in self‐confidence and academic ability surrounded by a close‐knit community. This school of 200 students offers a unique curriculum and diverse extracurricular opportunities that propel graduates into bold, successful futures.

The “World’s Best” Curriculum

Trafalgar’s curriculum is adapted from successful programs around the world. “We develop our classes from the world’s most proven programs,” said Head of School, Dr. Leanne Foster.

In addition to offering Advanced Placement courses, the school’s Integrative Thinking program, based on curricular theory from the University of Toronto, focuses on critical thinking and integrated solutions.  The Singapore Math and Singapore Science curricula are consistently the best performing worldwide, and are paired with a Robotics course in Design Technology. A new language program in Mandarin has been added to existing programs in English, French, and Latin. The English curriculum incorporates a writing program developed at the University of Chicago and places a strong emphasis on written skills.

“Our program is unique and tailored to our students,” added Dr. Foster. “When our girls graduate, they feel confident, prepared for university, and believe their future possibilities are endless.”

Life at Trafalgar Castle School

Trafalgar Castle School is situated on 22 acres east of Toronto in beautiful Whitby, ON.  Approximately one‐third of students in grades 7 to 12 board at the school and benefit from close proximity to Toronto and Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Residence teachers live with the girls ensuring students are safe, supported, and happy. Regular field trips, cultural activities, and weekend travel take advantage of surrounding cities and the natural beauty of the area ‐ building on the school’s rigorous curriculum.

Most boarding students are international, hailing from countries around the world. ESL classes and classroom support are available.

Extracurricular Opportunities

A strong co‐curricular program ensures academics are only one part of life at Trafalgar Castle School. Soccer, basketball, swimming, rowing, and tennis are just a few of the athletic opportunities available to students.

A vibrant arts program encourages students to explore their interest in art, drama, music, and photography. The school’s dynamic instrumental music program provides instruction for girls at all levels of musical ability.

“Our students thrive in the school’s exciting yet warm setting,” said Dr. Foster. “Parents know that sending their daughter to Trafalgar Castle is truly giving her a gift that lasts a lifetime.”


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