AlbertaPopulation: 4.0 million

Largest City: Calgary

Climate: Varied, with typically warm summers and cold, snowy winters.

Major Industries: oil, agriculture, technology, tourism

The Alberta Experience: Geographically diverse Alberta enjoys prairies, boreal forest, desert badlands, and the famous Rocky Mountains. Booming petroleum and technology industries provide many economic opportunities and a high quality of life (Edmonton and Calgary are the major economic centers).

Study in Alberta: Alberta’s world-class education system is recognized and respected around the globe and serves as an ideal location for any international student interested in studying in Canada. The Ministry of Education is responsible for K-12 education in the province, which is mainly comprised of English schools, with French-immersion programs offered in 46 different Alberta cities and towns (including Calgary and Edmonton).

For international students interested in specialized language programs, Alberta is home to many private ESL schools, as well as established French learning centers such as the Alliance Française (French Alliance) of Calgary.

Cool Fact: Alberta boasts huge discoveries of dinosaur fossils—scientists have uncovered complete skeletons of dinosaurs who once roamed all corners of this geologically-mystifying province.

Alberta Ministry of Education:

French Immersion Programs in Alberta:


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