British Columbia


BCPopulation: 4.6 million

Largest City: Vancouver

Climate: Fairly mild in the southern part of the province, with snow readily available for skiing and snowboarding on nearby mountain ranges.

Major Industries: natural resources, mining, retail/services

Why British Columbia? Stretching across the length of Canada’s western coast, British Columbia offers a safe, welcoming, and diverse environment, and has recently experienced a surge in popularity amongst international students. With a reputation for youthful cosmopolitan centers (such as Vancouver) that offer high quality of living, British Columbia also boasts scenic mountains, rivers, and beaches, making it an ideal destination for both city-dwellers and nature-lovers.

Studying in British Columbia: British Columbia is a world-leader in quality education. Each year, thousands of parents and students from around the world choose British Columbia as their study destination. Though primarily an English-speaking province, most schools offer French immersion programs. The government of British Columbia makes it easy for international students to work while they study and, if they choose, to continue to live in Canada and work after graduation.

 Did You Know? British Columbia welcomes more international students than any other province in Canada.

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