ManitobaPopulation: 1.3 million

Largest City: Winnipeg

Climate: Most of the population lives in Southern Manitoba where winters are cold, summers are warm, and rainfall is moderate.

Major Industries: agriculture, transportation, mining, energy, tourism, manufacturing

The Manitoba Experience: With Manitoba’s low cost of living and booming economy, it’s no surprise that students from around the world come to study at Manitoba high schools, language schools, and universities. Manitoba offers an authentic Canadian educational experience away from the bustle of the larger metropolitan areas. The province boasts a diversity of flora and fauna; nearly 50% of the province’s land area is covered in forests, and iconic species such as polar bears are common in the northern region of the province.

Study in Manitoba: Manitoba offers a memorable study abroad experience for students of all levels. International students planning long-term studies in Manitoba will be pleased to hear that students receive free healthcare and can work in Canada after graduation on a postgraduate work permit, with extra perks such as tax rebates on tuition.

Did You Know? In addition to polar bears, Manitoba is known for a large diversity of snakes, birds, wolves, and game fish.



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