OntarioPopulation: 13.5 million

Largest City: Toronto

Ontario’s Climate varies greatly across the province while Toronto typically experiences hot summers and cold winters, with mild rainfall throughout the year.

Major Industries: renewable energy, manufacturing, tourism, mining, forestry

Why Ontario? Canada’s largest province by population and home to the bustling, global city of Toronto, Ontario enjoys both stunning natural landscapes and booming economic centers. Dotted with lakes and streaked with rivers, the province also boasts the famous Niagara Falls. Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, is situated in the eastern part of the province and is considered to be the country’s most educated city.

Studying in Ontario:  Managed by the Ontario Ministry of Education, the province has thousands of secondary schools and hundreds of colleges and universities. While English is the more prevalent language, students may choose to study at French-language schools or English schools with French language programs.

For international students looking ahead to university program in the province, scholarship opportunities for foreign students are generous, such as the Ontario Trillium Scholarship, which grants outstanding doctoral students from around the world CAD $40,000 per year, for up to four years.

Learn More: https://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/


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