Prince Edward Island


Population: 150,000

Largest City: Charlottetown

Climate: PEI’s climate is considered moderate, with very pleasant summers.

Major Industries: agriculture, fishing, tourism, aerospace

The Prince Edward Island (PEI) Experience: This island province strongly emphasizes bilingualism and incorporates French immersion into public education from an early level. In addition to strong foreign language programs, PEI has a thriving culture of art, music, and sports.

French or English? PEI schools are run by two separate districts. The English-language school board manages ten secondary schools and the French district manages six. With nearly a quarter of all students enrolled in French immersion programs, PEI youth boast some of the highest rates of bilingualism in the country.

Interesting Facts: Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island derives 15% of its energy from renewable resources; was once a French colony; and is known for its striking red earth, largely composed on red sandstone.

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