QuebecPopulation: 8.2 million

Largest City: Montreal

Typical Climate: Hot summers and cold, snowy winters

Major Industries: manufacturing, telecommunications, mining, science/technology/aerospace, forestry (pulp/paper)

The Quebec Difference: Quebec Well connected to both the US and Europe, Quebec is truly an international destination and a great place to learn a language or pursue academic studies.

Support for Students and Families: The Federation of Private Educational Institutions (FEEP) which represents private schools in Quebec, works with 200 member schools to provide a positive, rewarding primary and secondary school experience for students and families.

The Inside Scoop: Québec Ministry of Education, Higher Learning and Research is responsible for the province’s secondary education system. Unique to Quebec, high school students receive a diploma after Year 11, and may continue with a two-year “college” program before university. International high school students staying in Quebec for university are offered a wealth of scholarship opportunities and perks, such as exemptions from higher tuition rates and the Quebec Merit Fellowship Program, a unique scholarship fund for distinguished foreign students. The diverse province welcomes approximately 30,000 international students from 160 countries every year to hundreds of programs in French and English.

Website of Quebecs local office in São Paulo:


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