SaskatchewanPopulation: 1.1 million

Largest City: Saskatoon

Climate: Canada’s “prairie province” experiences a typical continental climate of hot summers and very cold winters.

Major Industries: mining, oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing, forestry

The Inside Scoop: Located in the center of Canada and sharing its southern border with the United States, Saskatchewan’s education history dates back more than 100 years. The province welcomes international students at all levels, and those continuing on to university in Saskatchewan may be interested in staying in the province to work because international students who choose to stay after graduation can receive tax refunds of up to CAD $20,000 in tuition.

The Saskatchewan Strategy: The forward-thinking government of Saskatchewan has implemented a long-term strategy to increase global engagement between Saskatchewan and international partners. The province hopes to increase the number of local students studying abroad by 50% and the number of international students coming to Saskatchewan by 75%.

From the Ministry: “Students receive a high-quality education in a very supportive environment. We’re seeing a more diverse, multicultural community emerging in Saskatchewan, and we welcome students from Brazil.” – Danelle Reiss, Manager of International Education, Saskatchewan Ministry of Advanced Education.



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