Certified Excellence with the Canadian Association of Public Schools—International


Over 125 public school districts are members of the Canadian Association of Public Schools—International (CAPS-I). This non-profit organization represents established educational institutions that are leading the country for international student education from elementary to high school.

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

High school graduation diplomas from CAPS-I schools are internationally recognized and indicate a high quality student experience. Member schools have proven track records of successful curricula for English language skills. International students can choose which courses they wish to take enabling them to specialize and pursue academic, personal, or career interests. Facilities are modern and well-equipped thanks to essential ongoing support from the government. Teachers are provincially certified and schools are committed to providing support needed by international students.

All CAPS-I schools offer guidance counseling to ensure student success during their studies and with transition to post-secondary institutions.

Community Connections

Studying in Canada is about much more than the in-class experience; CAPS-I schools are about connection and personal growth (see Brazilian student testimonials for more information).

“Our students not only improve their English skills, but also grow in terms of maturity and social skills,” said CAPS-I President Barbara Onstad.

International students have access to comprehensive orientation programs, short- and long-term study opportunities, enriching elective activities, and support for social integration with Canadian peers.

CAPS-I schools also offer homestay programs, with carefully screened Canadian families to ensure caring, comfortable home experiences.

“Whether students return to Latin America or continue their international focus, studying English in our CAPS-I high schools ensures a strong foundation,” concluded Ms. Onstad.


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