A Summer of Fun, Friendships, and ESL in Canada


Canadian summer ESL programs give international students of all ages the opportunity to have an
exciting, educational summer with learners from around the world. With programs similar to traditional summer camps, students return home with stronger English skills, lasting friendships, and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience and explore Canada in the summertime with their peers.

Learn English and Make Friends from Around the World

Destination Canada has provided world class ESL summer camps in Ottawa since 1980. The multi-week programs attract students from far and wide, offering a balance of classroom instruction with hands-on activities, sports, and local excursions. Small class sizes and certified teachers contribute to accelerated student learning, and summer break presents the perfect opportunity for ESL students to get ready for the school year.

Destination Canada President Bryan Pilgrim commented, “Their English improves and they go home with a better understanding of Canadian culture and with friendships with kids from all around the world. It's a very complete and extremely enriching package.” Outside the classroom, students enjoy outdoor activities, trips to Canadian cities, and more. In addition, Destination Canada offers full medical coverage and assists with the visa process and paperwork.

Preparing for School in Canada

The Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) is an association of 97 independent private, non-profit schools that meet rigorous standards in education and student experience. Over 106 countries are represented in CAIS classrooms, with hundreds of students coming from Latin America. Because English proficiency is a prerequisite to admissions at most CAIS schools, many schools offer ESL programs and some have ESL summer camps.

One such school is Balmoral Hall School, located in Manitoba, which tailors its ESL summer programs to meet the needs of students of different ages. Older students prepare for the school year with an intensive three-week program, which balances rigorous English classes with fun, cultural activities in Winnipeg. Summer students enjoy living in the luxurious, recently renovated boarding facilities.

Younger students may participate in the less-intensive conversation and culture program. “The class could look at Canadian sports, arts, celebrities – it's a pretty fun class and it's completely focused on getting comfortable speaking English,” explained Balmoral Hall School Executive Director Tina Alto.

With programs designed for students of all ages and English abilities, schools and organizations such as Destination Canada have indeed made Canada an idyllic summer destination for international ESL students.


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