Canada’s Innovative Programs Attract Students from Across the Globe


One of the main perks of studying abroad is the ability to take advantage of opportunities that are different from those in your home country. In Canada, many high schools offer exciting, unique programs found nowhere else in the world. In addition, foreign students can benefit from internationally recognized academic programs such as Advanced Placement (AP), French Baccalaureate (FB), and International Baccalaureate (IB).

A Few of Canada’s Most Unique High School Programs

Rosthern Junior College (Rosthern Saskatchewan): is a day and residence school in the heart of the Canadian prairies of Rosthern, Saskatchewan. RJC provides a strong and supportive academic program for students in grades 10 to 12, keeping the student to teacher ratio low in order to provide individual attention.

Beyond the regular academic day, students are encouraged to engage in the fine arts, choir, athletics, and service opportunities.

Collectively, the teachers, administrative support, custodians, cooks, and residence staff work hard to create a warm, supportive, and safe school community where students are challenged to live peaceably, learn, and grow.

Grounded in community and fortified with confidence, RJC students leave the college with depth of character, breadth of world-view, and life-long friendships - equipped to be leaders. RJC, ROOTED IN FAITH, GROWING THE FUTURE!

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Shawnigan Lake School (Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia): This school’s innovative EDGE Leadership Program empowers students to make a difference abroad. The global outreach program sends groups of students all over the world, emphasizing Engagement, Development, Gratitude, and Experiences (EDGE).

Lycée Louis Pasteur (Calgary, Alberta): This French-immersion school offers the opportunity to spend a year abroad, earn a French Baccalaureate (FB) diploma, learn Spanish, and do community service. It’s no wonder the school’s tagline is More than just a school, a passport to the world.

Queen Margaret’s School (Duncan, British Columbia): QMS is currently ranked by the Fraser Institute as the top academic high school on Vancouver Island. This high school for girls offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses, STEM, leadership opportunities and a unique integrated Equestrian Program. In addition to the chance to wear riding pants to math class, students can ride recreationally or competitively during their school day.

Lower Canada College (Montréal, Québec): As a Round Square school, Lower Canada College (LCC) facilitates global student exchanges. There’s always an interesting new international student to meet and you might spend a couple months in a new country as well! LCC also boasts Hogwarts-style student dorms, opportunities to participate in international conferences, and the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh awards program.

Studying in Canada opens doors to many opportunities beyond mastering English and French. Innovative high school programs are the norm in Canada and the results are clear; these programs boost student creativity, leadership skills, confidence, global thinking, and much more.


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