Lycée Louis Pasteur


Passport to Bilingual Education in Calgary, Alberta

Education is truly international at Lycée Louis Pasteur in Calgary, Alberta. Students are immersed in French language and education, while simultaneously learning in the Canadian model. The student body is comprised of 450 students (from age three to eighteen) and every level offers a multilingual, diverse, and rigorous education.

A Multilingual, International Model

Lycée Louis Pasteur is an accredited member of CAIS and offers diplomas through both the Alberta and French models. The French Baccalaureate (FB) program is globally known as an international standard of excellence. The small class sizes and multilingual model ensure student success after graduation.

Hailing from Alberta, France, the UK, Poland, Cuba, and other countries around the world, the teachers at Lycée Louis Pasteur provide rich, global perspectives. Over 20 nationalities are represented by the teachers and students at this small school.

The International Program

High school students from around the world are welcome to spend a year or more at Lycée Louis Pasteur’s International Program. Students enjoy life in the suburbs of Canada’s third-largest city, at the confluence of two rivers and near the majestic Canadian Rockies.

Students are housed by the Canada Homestay Network, which has twenty years of experience providing comfortable and welcoming homes for international students.

Language Instruction

Lycée Louis Pasteur is bilingual in French and English. However, last year the school inaugurated a French intensive class, making it possible to begin with low French language abilities. ESL support is also available, depending on students’ English abilities.

Beginning in grade 6 (age 11 to 12), students also study Spanish, which means that graduates of Lycée Louis Pasteur will be bilingual with at least a functional understanding of another language – an enormous benefit for post-graduate success.

Engaged Students

Nearly 30 student clubs and activities are available, including soccer, badminton, cross country, and other sports. Programs are also available in music, debate, and leadership.

Beyond clubs, many students participate in programs to engage in the community. “Volunteering and community service are very important in Canada,” said Director of Admissions and Communications Sophie Bréant. “These are essential values of leaders and members of society, and additionally are important for university admissions in Northern America.”

“Our tagline is ‘More than just a school, a passport to the world,’” Ms. Breant concluded. “We are a springboard to launch our students into the world.”


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