Accredited Excellence in CAIS Boarding Schools

The Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) is an association of 97 independent private, non-profit schools that meet rigorous standards of excellence in education and student experience. An association of 27 boarding school members are seeking additional international students to live and study in safe, diverse, and enriching educational environments.

 A Commitment to Excellence

All CAIS schools must meet 12 National Standards that ensure that member institutions offer their students active, effective, and enriching curricula and student opportunities. An impressive 99% of CAIS graduates go on to study at the best universities in North America and around the world.

The Benefits of Boarding Schools

CAIS boarding school students experience life and studies in safe, welcoming, and culturally inclusive environments that compliment their classroom learning.

“At a boarding school, you are immediately immersed in the culture and welcomed in to a supportive network of friends and faculty,” explained CAIS Boarding Schools Director of Outreach Janice Greenshields. “It’s an inclusive environment that brings students together. Living on campus with fellow students, caring residential staff and faculty allow for students to be successful by having a structured, supportive, academically challenging, and fun experience. Homestay programs can be isolating, on all of our vibrant campuses there is no time to feel isolated. Our CAIS member schools offer safe, social, academically enriching boarding school experiences for all students whether for one year or many.”

Diverse Communities

The boarding student population in CAIS schools is comprised of half Canadian and half international students, in addition to day students who are mostly Canadian. Over 106 different countries are represented in CAIS classrooms, including hundreds of Central and South American students.

Admission requires a high degree of English proficiency and admitted students thrive in the challenging, supportive environments fostered by CAIS schools. Some schools provide intensive ESL programs and many other offer ESL summer camps.

Personal Development

Student leadership and character are key values in CAIS schools. Future-focused learning is emphasized, making sure that students access a well-rounded activities roster that prepares them to pursue future goals. Many schools offer experiential programs in global leadership, as well as international travel in a variety of contexts.

Each year, CAIS offers opportunities for national student leadership at the Senior Leadership Conference and the Middle School Student Leadership Camp. Athletics are also fostered through a nation-wide program in multiple sports.

Brazilian Students

Brazilian enrollment has doubled in the past year and CAIS hopes to foster that growth through partnerships with other organizations for outreach to Brazilian students. CAIS Boarding Schools truly provide the safest, 24/7 immersive cultural and academic environments for all students, allowing their parents to be fully secure in knowing they have chosen the best education for their child.

“Brazilian students bring vibrancy, intelligence, and athletic talent,” Ms. Greenshields concluded. “We hope for more Brazilian students at our boarding schools in the future.”

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