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Quebec’s Network of School Residences, A Home Away from Home for International Students

In Quebec, the school residence system is known for its family-like environment and reputation for welcoming students from around the world. The Federation of Private Educational Institutions (FEEP), which represents private schools in Quebec, works with 200 member schools to provide a positive, rewarding primary and secondary school experience for students and families.

“We represent 95% of the students in private schools in Quebec,” stated FEEP Director General Nancy Brousseau. “The organization recognizes the value of international students as positive enrichment for Canadian and foreign students alike and is working to build the capacity of all of its member school residences to host international student.”  FEEP’s member institutions are recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education.

The School Residence Experience

Quebec’s school residences are truly a home away from home. A unique opportunity for many students, the residences are hives of activity and offer a wide variety of facilities and opportunities for growth. In addition to developing critical social skills and forming life-long friendships with peers from around the world, students benefit from the residence experience to thrive academically, as they are immersed in an environment with academic professionals and other students who share a passion for learning. FEEP’s member institutions include co-educational and gender-specific schools at both the elementary and secondary levels.

The Quebec Advantage

An international family’s decision to send their child abroad involves many considerations, and Quebec offers a host of advantages.

“It is less expensive to study in Quebec. For example, tuition fees here are almost half of those of Ontario,” noted FEEP Student Affairs Coordinator Patrice Daoust. “Many of Quebec’s colleges and universities have earned world-wide recognition, so students obtaining a Secondary School Diploma (SSD) in Quebec are already on the path to higher education.”

Quebec is known for its low crime rate, range of economic opportunities, excellent quality of life, and plethora of cultural and outdoors activities. With affordable tuition, Quebec is a popular destination for international students (approximately 42,000 attended schools across the province in 2013). Foreign students will be taught in French in most of FEEP’s schools and will learn both official languages of Canada. Starting off at a school residence in Quebec is a great way to embark on an exciting future.

Featured schools

Collège Jésus-Marie de Sillery

Collège Bourget

Collège Saint-Bernard

Séminaire St-Joseph

Collège Servite

Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie

Collège Rivier

Collège du Mont-Sainte-Anne

Collège Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption

Collège François-Delaplace

Collège des Hauts Sommets

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