Everything you need to know about learning a new language in Canada

East Coast School of Languages


Award-winning Language School in Halifax Puts Students First

East Coast School of Languages (ECSL), located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, sets a high bar for excellence. In 2016, the school won the Consumer Choice Award for Best Language School in Halifax for the fourth year running and it is also the 2016 Bronze award winner for International Business of the Year.”

Education First

“For the people who work here, education is their passion,” emphasized ECSL President and CEO Sheila Nunn, “It’s run as a school rather than a business; we put the concerns and the academic achievements of our students first.”

ECSL keeps enrollment small—just 200 students. It is no wonder why students say the school feels like a family and being a guest in someone’s home. This creates a safe environment where students can learn and grow.

Full English Immersion

ECSL maintains a strict English-only policy which promotes language learning, encourages cross-cultural communication, and fosters friendships.

Opportunities abound for students to meet Canadians through homestays and activities. A volunteer program allows students to visit local senior homes for extra language practice. This new program was raved about by students and senior citizens alike; both loved the chance to learn about new cultures.

University Pathway

ECSL partners with nineteen universities for the popular University College Pathway. Unlike most schools, ECSL starts students on university preparation material when they are at the low-intermediate level. By the time they finish at ECSL, students have completed nine to twelve months of preparation, setting them up for success at university and beyond.

The school invites students who are ready to register to use code ECSL16 for CAD $50 off the application fee. Contact us for more information.

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