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Herzing College


Herzing College: Celebrating over 50 Years of Student-centered Excellence

Since 1965, Herzing College has offered committed, ethics-driven education, working closely with local and regional employers to foster student success. Campus locations take advantage of some of the most diverse and vibrant Canadian cities including Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa.

While expansion around Canada is proof of Herzing College’s success, it is still run as a family business, continuing in founder Dr. Henry Herzing’s vision of fostering the potential in every student.

Student Support

Herzing College staff works closely with local and regional employers to develop internship and employment opportunities through the Career Development Department. Graduates are workforce-ready, and well connected with major firms.

International students receive individualized support from faculty and staff. “From a student’s college admission to the moment they graduate, we are available to offer support,” explained Director of International Relations, Lina Perrotta. “We are just a phone call or an email away.”

Support includes a streamlined admissions process, advice for navigating the student visa application procedure, and thriving in the Canadian education system.

“You will have peace of mind and your family back home will as well,” concluded Ms. Perrotta. “That’s how we are with our students; we really know them by name.”

International Partnerships

International student recruitment is a Herzing College priority – with a partner reach including Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, as well as Central and South America. Students are recruited to programs in business, technology, design, legal studies, healthcare, and more.

The college has established agreements with a network of language schools to streamline the transition into academic and vocational training. Students can also begin vocational training during the mornings while studying a language in the afternoons.

Many of Herzing College’s Latin American students choose to study in Montreal, where they enjoy the metropolitan life of one of North America’s greatest cities. The programs Industrial Drafting and Computing Support are particularly popular with students.

Prioritizing Student Success

Ninety-three percent of students who entered Herzing College in 2015 found employment in their fields. By acknowledging and meeting student needs—from personalized advising to placements in local businesses—the college offers excellence in student-centered learning.

“We are small enough to know and care about every individual student, and big enough to offer ample resources for students and graduates. These are our keys to success,” concluded Mrs. Perrotta.


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