Everything you need to know about learning a new language in Canada

New Brunswick


New BrunswickPopulation: 760,000

Largest City: Saint John

Climate: Warm summers and snowy winters

Major Industries: services, forestry, mining, agriculture

The Inside Scoop: The bilingual province of New Brunswick is one of Canada’s three Maritime Provinces, all of which have recently welcomed a large influx of international students to their universities. Managed by the New Brunswick Ministry of Post-Secondary Education, Training, and Labour, the province welcomes international students (who are eligible for a three-year Canadian work permit after graduation).

Academic Opportunities: New Brunswick is home to many colleges and four major public universities: The University of New Brunswick, St. Thomas University, Mount Allison University, and Université de Moncton. Founded in 1785, the University of New Brunswick is one of North America’s oldest universities and currently hosts international students from over 100 countries. The province’s academic offerings are particularly strong in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. It comes as no surprise that New Brunswick universities are creating more graduate research opportunities than ever before.

Fun Fact: New Brunswick enjoys snow every winter–a perfect opportunity to learn to ski or snowboard!

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New Brunswick Partners with Brazil for Exchange Programs and More

One of the only Canadian provinces with a provincial-level department dedicated to placing international students in middle schools, high schools, and homestays, New Brunswick offers an intimate, bilingual study abroad experience for students from around the world.

The New Brunswick Experience

Bruce MacDonald, who manages the New Brunswick International Student Program through the agency Atlantic Education International, elaborated on some of the benefits of studying in New Brunswick: “We are a small, safe province. Students have the opportunity to not only improve their English, but to study French as well. We also have a very strong host family component to our program. For those looking for a safe, comfortable environment for their student or child to study in, New Brunswick is a very good option.”

Many students come for the unique outdoor activities available in New Brunswick, such as skiing and snowboarding. “We have four ski resorts in the province and we can guarantee snow every winter. Students have a true winter experience here and we make sure they’re in the right location depending on their interests, and with the right host family,” noted Mr. MacDonald.

Partnering with Brazil

The International Student Program in New Brunswick has been hosting Brazilian students for more than eight years with numerous success stories. Many New Brunswick families have gone to visit their exchange students in Brazil.

“We have got a very solid relationship with Brazil in this province. Not only do we have the inbound students, but we also have partnered with four schools in Brazil and they are offering the Canadian high school curriculum to their students as well as Brazilian curriculum,” said Mr. MacDonald.

The Win the World Program which is run and funded by the State of Pernambuco, sends Brazilian students abroad to several countries including Canada. New Brunswick has hosted approximately 250 Brazilian students through Win the World.

“Our high schools have really enjoyed having the Brazilian students there over the last six or seven years. It’s been very positive for everybody and our communities,” Mr. MacDonald commented.

Looking forward, New Brunswick hopes to develop additional partnerships and exchange opportunities with Brazil and other Latin American countries. “We welcome Latin American students to consider Eastern Canada as a destination for their educational needs. We are always thrilled to have our friends from Brazil come and study and live with us,” Mr. MacDonald concluded.


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