Everything you need to know about learning a new language in Canada

Nova Scotia


Nova ScotiaPopulation: 940,000

Largest City: Halifax

Climate: Mostly surrounded by sea, Nova Scotia experiences moderately cold winters and mild summers.

Major Industries: mining, tourism, aerospace

Experience Nova Scotia: Students are drawn to the relaxed, coastal atmosphere with well-defined seasons. The surprisingly warm province offers a wealth of academic choices, as well as post-graduation economic opportunities in the shipping, technology, offshore gas, mining, and aerospace sectors.

With a population just under one million, Nova Scotias history dates back to 1605 when the first French colonists settled in Canada. Today, more than 90% of Nova Scotians speak English as their primary language. In addition to dozens of historical sites and protected natural areas (ideal for hiking), the province boasts a thriving arts culture, including a successful film industry.

Learn more: http://novascotia.ca/lae/


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