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Colleges and Institutes Canada: Your Canadian Liaison

Since 1972, Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan), formerly the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC),  has played a leading role in helping Canadian colleges and institutes connect with the world. With 135 member institutions across Canada, CICans network facilitates international partnerships and drives economic growth through research collaboration, leadership training, and mentorship programs.

As a liaison between international governments, colleges and institutes , and students, CICan offers a wide range of services to promote Canadian-international education opportunities. From customizing marketing campaigns for institutions looking to internationalize their campuses, to representing Canadian post-secondary education at global conferences, CICan works in 29 countries via 11 international offices to endorse international education and establish meaningful, long-term partnerships.

Pioneering Global Economic and Sustainability Initiatives

The organization strives to bridge the gap between Canadian academic institutions and those in developing countries by facilitating opportunities for joint research and development partnerships under the banner of  Education for Employment, a new initiative to support workforce training and micro-enterprises in much-needed economic sectors.

CICan promotes sustainability amongst its member institutions. In 2007, the organization held a symposium to help colleges and institutes incorporate sustainable practices into their mission statements, campuses, and curricula. The initiative also encouraged institutions to work collaboratively with businesses and local governments to spread awareness and create more sustainable communities.  

Latin America’s Canadian Connection

CICan has participated in bilateral agreements across Latin America, including the Science without Borders (SwB) program and the Brazil-Canada Technological and Professional Fellowship Exchange Program, a joint teacher training program.

CICan welcomes enquiries from Latin American institutions interested in working with Canadian education partners in any capacity. The organization takes pride in providing tailor-made solutions and customized opportunities for all interested stakeholders.


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