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ICEF: Strategic Engagement with Latin America

With nearly three decades of experience in bringing together educators from around the world, ICEF is a global leader in the international education recruitment arena. ICEF organizes workshops on five continents, collates and conducts important industry research, provides professional development training for recruiters, and offers a wealth of resources to students interested in studying abroad.

For those looking to increase engagement with Latin America and build stronger education partnerships with the region, ICEF recommends a twofold strategy: “First, it’s important to go back to the basics and focus on timely communication in responding to students and agents, and to provide relevant information on multiple channels such as websites, social media, and email campaigns. Second, I advocate that schools start to look at really making their message tailored to millennials and younger people. So – engaging messages, authentic messages, brief messages, and visual messages,” explained ICEF Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Michael Henniger.

In times of economic flux, ICEF has noticed an increased interest in studying abroad and this presents an excellent opportunity for recruiters to reach out to families looking to send their children abroad. “We find that across the board when things get tough that’s when a lot of parents want to invest in their children’s education,” stated ICEF Brazil Account Manager, Karin Florez.

A Personal Touch

ICEF takes pride in building personal relationships with its network of international educators and recruiters. Ms. Florez described the welcoming atmosphere at the recent ICEF Latin America workshop in São Paulo, Brazil: “We started the event this morning with breakfast, which was already nice, because everyone gets up and they all go and have breakfast together. So even before the meetings, you are making friends and meeting people.”

ICEF’s network of friendly, professional agents are key to the organizations global success. With a multilingual staff and a focus on long-term partnerships, the organization welcomes educators, families, and recruiters to learn more about the benefits of working with ICEF.


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