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ITD Canada


Students Come First at ITD Canada

At the Institute of Technology Development and Management (ITD Canada), programs are developed to meet students’ career goals. Located in Vancouver, ITD Canada offers diplomas in high-demand fields such as business, art, hospitality, and information technology (IT).

ITD Canada attracts students from around the world, emphasizing career-focused training. The institute takes pride in its small class sizes. Students are able to easily address questions and concerns as well as receive immediate, focused feedback from instructors. Additionally, ITD is truly committed to helping its students meet their tuition expenses by offering flexible monthly payments to qualified candidates.

An International Welcome

With many of ITD Canada students coming from abroad, the school helps students transition into Canadian life and offers comprehensive ESL programs at several levels including academic English and English test preparation. Student Services provides leadership and technical assistance to students from Spanish and Portuguese speaking staff members.

International students pursuing diplomas can hone their English skills before their program begins. “If a student wants to study in one of our diploma programs, we offer students six weeks of conditionally free English classes. We help them if their English is not as strong as it needs to be to take full advantage of the college studies,” explained ITD President Soheli Gorji.

ITD Canada’s programs in IT, hospitality, specialized business, and art have been popular among students from South America. Many students from Venezuela, Brazil, and Argentina attend the Green Technology Management Program where they learn about green adoption in business and industry practices with a specific focus on identifying and managing the trade-offs between environmental sustainability and business goals. For the art and design oriented student, ITD Canada offers art programs including graphic design and interior design.

Networking and Career Support

For international students interested in working in Canada after their studies, the school offers career support. “All of our programs have a co-op component and we help them to get interviews for those jobs. This is completely different than any other college. We help our students to master their skills and make every effort to schedule up to two co-op placement interviews,” Mr. Gorji stated.

A focus on student needs and career support sets ITD Canada apart. For international students looking for industry-driven, technology-focused diplomas in exciting, international fields, ITD Canada is an excellent choice.

For more information about ITD Canada, visit www.itdcanada.ca and follow them on ITD Canada Facebook and Instagram @beitdcanada.


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