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Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology


Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology: A Bridge to the Future

Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT), formerly Winnipeg Technical College, was rebranded and revitalized in 2014. It is an ambitious, growing institution that focuses on graduate employability, including language skills.

Building Connections

“We are all about building connections with industry partners and other academic institutions,” explained MITT’s Vice President of International Education, Liz Choi. “We ensure that our students are well directed for their futures.”

In this spirit, MITT focuses on answering specific workforce needs to ensure that students are positioned for successful careers. Programs are adapted, created, and discontinued depending on current or forecasted market demands.

School Programs

Programs of study are grouped into three major clusters: Health Care and Human Services, Information and Business Technology, and Skilled Trades. International students engage in all of these programs.

MITT is unique in offering secondary school programs within a public, technical institution. High school students who are preparing for future post-secondary education or opting to pursue careers in trades are welcome to use MITT as a vital stepping-stone.

Expansion in Language Training

This is an exciting time for the English Language Institute. To meet the demand for language skills, MITT plans to double its student enrollment and offer more specific streams of language training. This expansion will include new innovations in curricula and will also see a major expansion of facilities.

Currently there are various English programs offered – from semester-long instruction to short-term and customizable programs. Students engage in social and skill-building activities throughout their language studies with support from the English Language Institute and may either choose an academic track or opt for more generalized language skills for business and daily life.

Winnipeg Has It All

Winnipeg offers exceptional opportunities in a friendly, cultural environment. MITT’s focus on partnerships and connections ensures that students can access the best of professional and personal development opportunities during their studies at MITT.

Latin Americans at MITT

MITT is actively reaching out to students in Latin American countries to welcome them as future members of the community. This time of growth at MITT is an opportunity for international students to engage in a dynamic expansion to meet their specific needs.


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