University Pathways: Jumpstart your education: Pathway Programs in Canada


Jumpstart your Education: Pathway Programs in Canada

Did you know that every year over 150,000 international students choose to study in Canada (AND it’s the #1 choice for Brazilian students)? With its safe, multicultural environment, excellent education system, natural beauty, and comparatively low tuition - it’s no mystery why students are packing their bags and heading north!

If your English language skills are holding you back from taking the plunge, we have news for you. In Canada, you can find an array of time-tested and proven Pathway programs to get the ball rolling on your dream education.

You can either choose to enroll in a university or college ESL program, and upon graduation, you will be seamlessly admitted into the institution’s undergraduate or graduate programs. Another option is to study at a private English language school that has partnered with various institutions offering conditional admission. After completing the program, you can transfer to one of these universities or colleges.

Time to get packing!

Here are some quality Canadian Pathway Programs to check out:

London Language Institute (London, Ontario)

The Pathway Program at the London Language Institute allows students to obtain a conditional admission through Canadian partner universities before students begin their classes. The institute continues to develop new pathway partners in order to give students a broad choice of study.

Université Laval (UL) (Québec City)

The seven-week summer ESL program, run by the Université Laval School of Languages (l’École de Langues de l’Université Laval (ELUL) []), is designed for intermediate- to advanced-level students and consists of intensive morning classes, afternoon activities, and cultural excursions. The university also offers a range of distance-based ESL classes [ a-distance/]. UL’s French Immersion program begins sessions in the fall, winter, and summer. With morning classes and afternoon/evening workshops and socio-cultural activities, students build language skills quickly as they are immersed in Canadian culture. Also a bonus - if they take the courses recognized by the Ministry of Immigration, students don't have to take the Ministry exam.

iTTTi Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

In the University/College Pathway Program at iTTTi Vancouver, students looking to advance their studies in a Canadian Academic setting such as a Trade School, college, or university can register for and study in a variety of courses. iTTTi Vancouver Pathway partners accept students into programs on a variety of conditions - ranging from direct entrance after completing a program level, to achieving a required IELTS or TOEFL iBT score.

Kaplan International English (Vancouver and Toronto locations)

Planning to transfer to a university or college in Canada? Kaplan International has over 20 transfer agreements with universities and colleges in the country. Most partners accept Kaplan’s Higher Intermediate or Advanced level completion instead of an official English test score for direct entry into an undergraduate or graduate program.

St. Clair College (campuses in Windsor and Chatham, Ontario)

St. Clair College has a number of articulation and Pathway partnerships with post-secondary institutions in Ontario, Canada, and internationally. Through these agreements, graduates may receive transfer credit for several courses, a full semester, or a full year (or more) toward a university degree.

Conestoga College (8 Ontario locations)

The college’s Preparatory and Academic Upgrading programs allow students to apply to college without a grade 12 diploma, earn an Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) Certificate, or prepare for a college post-secondary program or apprenticeship training.

Mohawk College (Hamilton, Ontario)

The year-long Career Pathways program helps students develop career-relevant skills (both academic and social) for future employment and transitioning to four-year college/university programs through conditional admissions. *Also to note, many Canadian Pathway programs waive the TOEFL requirement for students who complete their ESL programs.

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