• We shared this link with many people, students and agents alike in Brazil. It helped us a lot in terms of sending our message across in a clear and consistent way. I also believe it gave us some clout, as we were featured as one of the top Polytechnics. Definitely good branding, and the most important feature being the editorial. In a recent survey, BBR client, Algonquin College saw a 70% increase in application from Brazil.

    Nadia Ramseier Marketing Manager, International Student Recruitment, Algonquin College
  • Thank you very much, you have no idea how happy I am. It’s great to know that there is someone out there that is willing to help me to know that my dream can become reality.

    Fernando Student, Federal Institute of Alagoas, Brazil
  • We were new to the Brazilian market and partnered with BBR to jump-start our marketing efforts. We have been extremely pleased with the results. BBR has been excellent for our reputation in Brazil. We have seen an increase in traffic to our website, and recognition of our name and logo by students, agents, parents and schools. The team at BBR has been terrific to work with and we are very grateful for the wonderful partnership that we have built with them.

    Ari Olgun Co-founder, California Language Academy
  • We are new to recruiting in Brazil but it has already shown some response. The link has been shared with all of our recruiters for them to use in working with inquires. Since initial contact, all interactions with BBR staff have been informative, efficient and pleasant. Everyone is clearly willing to be helpful and offer valuable suggestions on how to best proceed.

    Joseph Linskey Dean of the School of International Programs, Centenary College
  • BBR is an excellent branding tool. Our school benefited through added exposure and it allowed for a branding initiative to take place in Brazil. Keep the reports coming from Canada!

    Lina Perrotta Director of International Student Recruitment, Herzing College Canada
  • Thank you for inviting the Embassy of Brazil in Washington to participate in this report. It was a pleasure to work with you. The US Education Report for Brazil shows the exciting times of the academic cooperation between Brazil and the United States, and it promotes the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program in a comprehensive way.

    Maricy Schmitz Education Section, Embassy of Brazil, Washington, D.C.
  • We’ve received a number of student inquiries for the report. The report is simple, streamlined and contains good visuals throughout. BBR staff have been helpful and quick to reply whenever we’ve had questions.

    Deanne Fisher Associate Vice President Students, Ontario College of Art & Design
  • We especially appreciate the student inquires that came in from prospective students, the article approach to promoting our school and the links for our school to a major strategic partnership program like Science without Borders.

    Sheila Young Director and International Liaison Officer, Brock University
  • Studying abroad opens our mind a lot, once we return from the exchange we try to share the knowledge we obtained with our family and friends and encourage them to do the paperwork to enroll in schools and universities abroad.

    Diego G. Peru
  • We've been getting more applications from Latin American students that seem genuinely interested in our school.

    Nicole Olson Portland English Language Academy (PELA)
  • The quiz has made it easier to determine which program the lead might be a candidate for.

    Kevin Spensley Saint Michael's College