Top 10 Reasons to Study in the UK


1. Academic Excellence: Universities in the UK enjoy a fabulous reputation worldwide. Rigorous certification standards and a long history of educational quality result in an excellent education that will translate anywhere in the world. In fact, four of the top eight universities worldwide are located in the UK.

2. Support for International Students: The UK has been a popular study abroad destination for generations. Universities have the staff, training, and experience to ensure that you have the support you need.

3. Reasonable Cost: A degree in the UK averages three years for undergraduates, and only one year for master’s students. While cost of living is high in the big cities, many excellent schools feature lower costs and healthcare is free throughout the country.

4. Scholarships and Work Opportunities: Many scholarships and grants are available to international students. Most student visas allow for 20 hours of work per week. Learn more about scholarships available here.

5. A Proud History at Your Fingertips: The UK’s long history and proud culture are visible on every street corner, in the world-class museums, and in the beautiful monuments. From cobblestone streets to archaeological treasures, the UK’s history makes for a rich context for all fields of study.

6. Arts, Athletics, and Culture Abound: Whether your passion is professional sports, theater, museums, fashion, or music, the UK offers all of this and more.

7. Ease of Travel: A safe and user-friendly system of trains, undergrounds, and buses makes travel a breeze. Whether you are getting around in a big city or you want to travel to take in more of the British countryside, travel is a delight.

8. Gateway to Europe: All of Europe is easily accessed from major UK cities. Flights are generally inexpensive, and a whole continent of adventures await!

9. Learn English at its Roots: Studying English in England means going straight to the source.

10. Global Connections: The UK is a multicultural country with global connections. This enriches campus environments and provides a wide array of networking opportunities with worldwide leaders in all industries.


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