Garrison Forest School


Garrison Forest: Educating Girls for Powerful Futures

Empowering female students for 105 years makes Garrison Forest a unique educational resource for motivated girls. Their boarding school welcomes students from around the world into a transformational eighth to twelfth grade experience.

Girls Never Take a Backseat

At Garrison Forest, girls’ soccer practice will never be rescheduled to accommodate the boys. Girls’ voices are heard and respected, and the peer environment encourages students to learn and grow in self-confidence and aspirations.

Studying for the World We Live In

Studies at Garrison Forest produce well-rounded students prepared to launch successful college careers. Students take a range of AP course offerings with innovative interdisciplinary arts programming, computer electives, and individual counseling to plan their futures. Soon AP Mandarin Chinese will be an option as well.

Girls get WISE

A groundbreaking partnership with Johns Hopkins University brings mentoring and hands-on opportunities to girls interested in science, engineering, and public health. The Women in Science and Engineering Program includes Hopkins faculty from fields as diverse as chemical and computer engineering to pharmacology, mentoring Garrison Forest students. These personal connections encourage young women to foster their interests in pursuing careers in STEM fields.

A remarkable 100% of upper school students take four years of mathematics, 93% choose four years of science, and a third tackle the rigorous AP calculus class.

Opportunities Right in the Neighborhood

Garrison Forest is located just 20 minutes outside of Baltimore, combining peaceful surroundings with nearby opportunities. “Our location is ideal,” explained Director of Admission Alison Greer. “We regularly arrange day trips to Baltimore, Washington DC, New York, and wintertime skiing in Pennsylvania. Our campus is removed from the city hustle and bustle, but there are so many opportunities right in our neighborhood.”

Riding to a Different Level

Garrison Forest takes its bucolic setting to the next level. Students of all ages take advantage of the indoor and outdoor riding arenas, dressage ring, indoor polo area, and barns housing up to 100 horses. Beginning riders develop poise and self-confidence, while more advanced riders take part in local, regional, and national competitions. Many graduates earn national recognition for their equestrian skills after graduation from Garrison Forest.

Know Your Own Power

There is no question in anyone’s minds at Garrison Forest that girls are powerful. Whether it is in science laboratories or the dressage ring, being voted for a leadership role, or announcing their acceptance to a great college, girls know their power. At Garrison Forest, there is no other way to be!


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